Learn about me and my love for food.

Rachel Williams

The Chef

Cooking is therapeutic for me. Coming from a family of great cooks, cooking comes quite naturally. My maternal grandmother was a very successful caterer in Memphis for over thirty years. She catered to the high society. Her work was featured in Ebony magazine for catering the wedding of A. Maceo Walker's daughter. I learned how to cook from my mother who learned from my grandmother. Grandmama transitioned on 11/18/2004, and years later, 'Legacy by Chef Rachel Denise' was created as my way of honoring her and carrying on her legacy.

I started cooking when I was 8-years-old. However, it wasn't until 2004, that I discovered a passion for cooking and creating edible art. In February 2004, my two-year-old son was diagnosed with autism (my son happened to be born on my grandmother's 89th birthday, just as she said he would *wink*). Life changed instantly & my culinary journey began. I was a mommy on a mission to creatively feed my extremely picky eater healthy, innovative, flavorful meals.

It wasn't until around 2012, that I started posting pictures of dishes I'd prepared online and was overwhelmed by the major response I received with a picture of the first pizza I'd ever made. "Legacy by Chef Rachel Denise" was born in my home kitchen soon thereafter. No formal training. I just love to cook and it's very humbling to be referred to as "Chef Rachel". The kitchen is my happy place and I am blessed to have served many. It feels good to have people enjoy what I bring to the table and support my dreams.

This unique, southern, black girl from Westwood in Memphis has many culinary goals. With every family recipe I remix or create on my own, every meal I prepare and serve with love, I honor my grandmother and pray that she is proud of the legacy I am creating for myself. I thank God for my son. It is because of him that I fell in love with cooking. ♥